Sunday, November 19, 2017

One weekend down and four to go.

We made it through out first weekend and it was great.  Especially if you like rain.  But today it was colder and there was no rain but it did start snowing by the time the train was ready to leave.  

Who doesn't like a pony ride. 

If kids visit Christmas Candy Land and finish the scavenger hunt they win a small ice cream cone. 

  For those who want something bigger than a pony there's the wagon rides. 

Kids can also visit the carnival and win prizes. 

The festival of trees decorated by the students at Ashley. 

Street entertainment. 

One of Santa's little reindeer.  

2017 first weekend

The first Friday and Saturday of 2017 was rainy and wet but everyone had a good time.  We're all hoping to dry weather from now on.