Saturday, October 25, 2014

We’ve had a loyal crew of volunteers working for a few months now getting things ready for the Village of Ashley Country Christmas.  Now we’re looking for people who would like to volunteer to come and join the fun and excitement during the festival.  We’ve got many positions to fill and we’re sure that we can find the perfect spot for you.  So if you’re in a club or group or if you’re all be yourself we’d be glad to have you volunteer.  Some of the jobs that need to be filled are hobo’s for the hobo camp, wristband sellers, people to check wristbands and tickets, theater attendants, helpers in Santa’s workshop, helpers in the kids craft areas and taking pictures of people by the train. And we need people who like to dress up.  We’ve got costumes for elves, a snowman, a penguin and a bear.  And we’ll need handlers for the last three.  So as you can see we still need volunteers to cover these jobs for five weekends.  So if you want to join us for a fun time just call Erica Denman at 989-289-0110.