Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions!
YES!!! You can still drive into our village and participate in all the same activities the train riders do. It's $5 per person.
YES! Adults need wristbands too! It's $5 per person. Our wristband sales help ensure that we can add to our activities every year. Did you know we added three new attractions this year that are included in your wristband purchase?!
The Christmas Candy Land game, the Carnival and Face Painting and Balloon Art.
YES!! We are only open when the train is in town and that has been our schedule for 4 years. Please be kind to our volunteers! Our whole village is run by them!
YES!! Santa is watching all the time and you do need a Train Ticket or Wristband to see him. Our Santa's are magical and we want everyone to have a great experience. Please understand that because of how wonderful our Santa's are, the lines are long! We try to keep to SRI's schedule for the train and make sure you all get time with the Big man.
YES! SOME things are an additional cost, pony rides, the carnival rides and souvenirs and food. But we try to keep the cost at a minimal and have our free activities fill the 2 hours that the Village is open.
As a friendly tip if visiting our Christmas Village. Please, please, please read the map! It lists where everything is, what is included in our train ticket and wristband entrance and the times we are open!!!
Please pick the #1 thing that is most important for your family to do and plan around it. Planning ensures your must do list gets done!
Our Christmas Village is 2 blocks total and is an outdoor event in that you will be walking outside in between buildings. The weather is not always the best so please plan accordingly. With that being said, all our craft venues and stores sell hats, mittens and scarves.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

2nd Weekend of 2017.

 We like to start our volunteers young and there's always something to do.  Here's some of our young volunteers working in the carnival.   And lots of other pictures from around town on the second weekend of Country Christmas. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

One weekend down and four to go.

We made it through out first weekend and it was great.  Especially if you like rain.  But today it was colder and there was no rain but it did start snowing by the time the train was ready to leave.  

Who doesn't like a pony ride. 

If kids visit Christmas Candy Land and finish the scavenger hunt they win a small ice cream cone. 

  For those who want something bigger than a pony there's the wagon rides. 

Kids can also visit the carnival and win prizes. 

The festival of trees decorated by the students at Ashley. 

Street entertainment. 

One of Santa's little reindeer.