Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Village of Ashley Country Christmas committee is pleased to announce that we will be doing a "Princess Tea" and a "Milk and Cookies with Santa" again this year. The Princess tea will be held on Dec 5th at 3:00 at the Emporium. Come and have tea with a princess (or maybe two) and make crafts. Bring your own camera to record this event. The Milk and Cookies event will take place on Dec. 12th at 3:00pm. Come and give Santa your wish list and make crafts and enjoy milk and cookies. Again, please bring your own camera. Tickets are available at the Village Office. The office is located at 114 W. Oak St., Ashley on Tues and Thurs.  Or you can mail your requests to Meet Santa, p.o. box 158, Ashley, Mi 48806.  Everyone attending must have a tickets.  Children's tickets are $10.00 and adult tickets are $5.00.  

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2015 Ashley Country Christmas Volunteer Positions
General Information:
·        These Pere Marquette 1225 steam locomotive trips, The North Pole Express, are featuring the 1940s – 1950s time period and loosely based on the “Polar Express” book and movie. This PM 1225 locomotive was the model for the train in the movie.
·        Train passengers are in Ashley for 2 hours to enjoy activities, sights, and sounds of Christmas at an earlier time including World War II
·        The first gift of Christmas drawing is held approximately 15 minutes before the train departs back to Owosso; the large clock outdoors has the time set to the drawing time
·        The train trip schedule is Fridays 7:00 - 9:00, Saturdays 12:00 – 2:00 and 6:00 – 8:00, Sundays 4:00 – 6:00 from November 20 through December 20. (Please see brochure for daily schedule)
·        Please keep in mind that heated buildings are not overly warm due to constant door opening/closing
·        Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled work shift and meet with the Volunteer Coordinator at the Emporium (Remenar Building)
Volunteers needed for each train trip:
Hobo camp: 3 – 4 volunteers dressed as typical (old tweed sports coats, wool pea coats, hats, army type clothes, wool gloves) for hobos of the time will be around the campfire/hobo area and parked locomotive, primarily outdoors. Skills needed are basic knowledge of the hobo lifestyle of the time, able to work outdoors, and being crowd friendly.  Hobos were not necessarily dirty, or appearing to be as bums or panhandlers. Harmonica playing is a plus! Many visitors like their pictures taken with the hobos.
Childrens’ Crafts area: 4 – 6 volunteers to assist children putting together simple crafts they take with them. In the Emporium (Remenar Building). Building is heated. Skills needed are being welcoming, and patient with children. Volunteers are welcome to and encouraged to wear clothing/hats of the 40s – 50s time period.
Ticket booth: 1 or 2 volunteers in the Ashley Community Center (heated building) will sell wristbands to attendees who did not arrive by train, as some attractions require a wristband for entrance, and will be able to answer questions (where is, what time, etc.?).  Skills needed are being welcoming, able to handle money/make change, ability to interact with the public. Volunteers are welcome to and encouraged to clothing/hats of the 40s – 50s.
Ashley Theater: 1 volunteer at the door (theater is a room inside the Emporium) will direct theater attendees to bleacher seating, answer questions, assist performers with questions, stage issues, etc., if needed, straighten chairs and tidy area after performances. Skills needed are being welcoming and attentive. Building is heated. Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to wear clothing/hats of the 40s – 50s.
Photo Opportunity with the 1225: 2 volunteers will offer to take group photos with the attendees own cameras, phones, etc., so their entire family/group may be in their photo with the 1225.  Photos with the 1225 is a very popular activity. One volunteer may organize groups while the other volunteer takes photos. There is no charge to attendees for this service. These are outdoor positions. Skills needed are being crowd friendly, assertive, organized, basic camera/phone knowledge, and able to work in the cold. Volunteers are welcome to and encouraged to dress warmly in coats/clothing/hats of the 40s – 50s. Touch screen gloves are very useful.

Santa’s Workshop: 4 – 5 volunteers to assist the Sawdust Santa’s group in the Emporium with helping children put together the wooden toy kit (cost $5) they choose to make and take; this is a very popular activity. Building is heated. Volunteers will wear t-shirts provided by the Sawdust Santa’s group. Skills needed are being friendly and patient with children and their adults, and tolerating a moderately loud noise level and flurry of activity.
Emporium Building entrance: 2 volunteers to monitor that attendees at the Emporium (Remenar building) have train tickets or the wristbands required for entry. This is typically indoors just inside the entrance door.  Inside the Emporium are the Ashley Theater, Santa’s Workshop, Childrens’ Crafts, face painting, balloon animals and more. Skills needed are being friendly, welcoming and assertive, able to answer information questions. Volunteers are welcome to and encouraged to dress in warm clothing/hats typical of the 40s – 50s.

Selling Balloon and Face Painting Tickets:  Collecting the money for balloon and the face painter.  Giving the buyer a ticket to turn into the booth.