Monday, December 18, 2017

Last weekend of 2017

Well, the North Pole has made it's last run for 2017.  Here are lots of random pictures of everything that goes on in Ashley during the Country Christmas.  

Every year gets better and this year was no exception.  We were thrilled to have so many people who drove into Ashley to enjoy the event. 

The first glimpse of the North Pole Express as it approaches M57 just before it gets to Ashley. 

Have you ever taken the horse and wagon ride?  It's really cool to hear the clip clop of the hooves on the pavement. 

A couple of our hard working elves at Candy Land. 

You get a chance to visit a Christmas haunted house. 

The warming barrels are always very popular.

The Sweet Shop has many treats and beautiful decorations. 

Frosty was out on the street greeting people.

Mrs. Claus loved visiting the children while they waited to see Santa. 

Little Toot was very popular with the kids. 

The tallest man in town.  He was having great fun with mistletoe.

The big star of the show.  

Face painting and balloons are great fun.

Santa's reindeer always draw a crowd. 

What is it about a big pile of snow?

Waiting for Santa to draw for the first gift of Christmas. 

This little boy won the First Gift of Christmas.

Sometimes Santa invites a child up to help him sing about Rudolph. 

Santa and Mrs. Claus with the elves. 

The crew from SRI were the first ones to get their picture taken. 

The fire dept's herd of reindeer that helped with crowd control.